Introduction to our Video Measurement Systems:

The high performance InspecVista vision measuring machines come in three variants. Manual with auto focus, motorized and full CNC and are available in four different sizes.

All machines come with a high resolution CCD camera or a high

megapixel CMOS camera as an option. The optics have a zoom capability of 1:8.3X leading to an on screen magnification of almost 240X. Higher magnification are available on request.





InspecVista CNC Video Inspection Systems

The full CNC model is specially made for faster inspection and is also highly useful in machines which use the optional digital probe for depth measurements and the touch trigger probes.


InspecVista Motorised Video Inspection Systems

he motorized model is useful in cases where the machine is used with Touch Trigger Probe (TTP). The motorised probing is more advantageous in getting better repeat accuracies of a Touch Trigger Probe (TTP).


InspecVista Manual Video Inspection Systems

The manual version comes in a range of models with auto focus where the camera mounted axis is motorized for precise control eliminating the requirement  for high levels of user skill and experience.


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