Special Function Digital Readout:




The MB100 is a small battery powered LCD display that includes a miniature magnetic reader-head. When combined with our full grating 2.5mm pole-pitch tape it is ideal for a broad range of applications.

It can be configured for linear or angular measurement allowing for accurate positional information to be available quickly and easily.


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Introduction to Digital Readout:

All our DRO* conform to EIA422 standards implementing full differential encoder connections and can take either linear or angular encoders with each axis being fully configurable. Single-ended encoders can also be connected as the DRO inputs are all balanced mid-rail.  All have selectable resolutions and absolute/incremental, inch/metric and referencing capability.

*Excludes Ball-scale DRO  

The MT100 is a special version of the MB100. It comes as a complete kit with display, reader-head, scale and mounting parts specifically designed for displaying the head angle of a turret mill, although it could equally be used for a range of angular measurement applications.

Setting and re-datuming a milling head to a given angle and then back to vertical can be a time consuming task to get correct. The MT100 greatly simplifies this process by accurately displaying the angle so that it can be moved with ease in a matter of seconds.


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