Introduction to Press-Brake scales:

The majority of Press-brake machines employ two linear encoders, one on either side of the beam, to both measure the movement but also to ensure that the beam remains parallel at all times to ensure an even fold.

Due to the nature of these machines there is a high degree of force applied that with other mounting limitations special scales with a high mounting tolerance are required. All our scales are based on magnetic principles providing the most robust solutions available and are specifically designed for Press-brake applications although they are equally suited to many fabrication and automation applications.




 Universal Mounting

S2 Guided Press-Brake Scale

  • EIA422 Differential Quadrature Output
  • Fully Guided Encoder System
  • Environmentally Sealed (IP67)
  • Magnetic Measuring System
  • High Mounting Tolerance
  • High Performance: Accuracy to +/-10um/m
  • Maintenance Free Link
  • Can be Left or Right-hand mounted
  • Compatible with Delem, Cybelec and ESA Controllers


 Universal Mounting

MLC420 Press-Brake Scale

  • EIA422 Differential Quadrature Output
  • User selectable Reference Position (x2)
  • Removable lead assembly via connector
  • Smooth Guided slide
  • Non-contact Magnetic Measuring System
  • IP67 Protection Class
  • Large Mounting Tolerances
  • Can be Left or Right-hand mounted
  • Compatible with Delem, Cybelec and ESA Controllers


 Left or Right Mounting

MLC410 Press-Brake Scale

  • EIA422 Differential quadrature output
  • Excellent signal stability
  • Non-contact Magnetic Measuring System
  • Robust Shielded Metal Enclosure
  • Fully Sealed, Protection Class IP67
  • Resistant to Dirt, Humidity and Dust
  • Withstands high levels of shock and vibration
  • Single Reference mark (each end)
  • Air-purge Inlet as standard
  • Left and Righ-hand dedicated scales


Universal Mounting

Magnetic Non-contact Measuring
Twin Bearing Actuating Rod

  • Magnetic measuring
  • High resolution up to 0.005mm
  • Non-contact and wear free system
  • Twin bearing actuating rod
  • Infinite mechanical life
  • Mechanical fixing and self aligning linkage using 2 ball joints
  • Stroke up to 1500 mm
  • EMC and reverse polarity protection
  • Easy mounting
  • High accuracy
  • Push Pull or TTL Line Driver Output
  • 10...30 VDC or 5 VDC Power supply



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