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GS212 optical scales implement custom designed opto-ASIC technology to provide an accurate and robust measurement solution. Available in resolutions from 0.1um with 3um accuracy grades they are ideal for performance applications.

Available in lengths up to 2040mm travel they have EIA422 differential quadrature output signals and 50mm periodic reference marks.  




The GS310 optical scale is specifically designed for CNC applications with a 20um optical grating and availability with 1Vpp, EIA422 and distance-coded output options.

Its low profile and travels up to 420mm it is ideal for smaller CNC and inspection machines, lathe cross-slides or other applications where space is limited.




The GS110 mini scale is designed for manual machine tools, hobby machines and entry level CNC. Available with 1um or 5um resolution and in travels to 420mm it provides a compact solution where standard optical and magnetic simply will not fit.

Supplied with a full traceable calibration certificate and laser engraved with the model and serial number this is a quality scale ideal for a broad range of applications.




GS120 slim scales are available in travels up to 1020mm are are supplied as standard as part of our budget DRO kits. They are all fully certified for accuracy of 10um or better.   




GS130 scales have a heavier cross-section for longer scale travels making them ideal for lathes and other longer axes. They are all fully certified for accuracy of 10um or better.   



The ALS4 and ALS6 optical scales have a 20um optical grating that produces an 11-15uA output signal compatible with many legacy digital readout and older CNC controls.

Unlike all our standard optical and magnetic scales the ALS scales come with a 9-pin round connector directly compatible with these older systems. No need for further adaptor cables.

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All GS Series Optical scales are laser calibrated in a controlled environment using the latest Renishaw™ lasers and supplied with a traceable certified certificate of accuracy.

Introduction to Optical Encoders:

All our digital optical encoders conform to EIA422 standards and implement full differential encoder connections and screen cables to ensure the best possible noise immunity. With resolutions as fine as 0.1um and accuracies to 3um they are ideal for a broad range of machine tool and CNC applications. All our scales are ‘bearing’ scales and so always run true on the glass to ensure accuracy and lifetime performance.

In addition to Digital scales 1Vpp and 11uA scales are also available for both 20um and 40um optical grating making them not only ideal for new installations but also for service replacements for older 3rd party systems.

Distance-coded scales in either 1Vpp or EIA422 digital are available with 20um optical grating for machine tool and CNC applications

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