Download Milling Machine Special Measurement:

The MT100 is a complete kit with display, reader-head, scale and mounting parts that is specifically designed for displaying the head angle of a turret mill, although it could be used for a range of angular measurement applications.

Setting and re-datuming a milling head to a given angle and then back to vertical can be a time consuming task to get correct. The MT100 greatly simplifies this process by accurately displaying the angle so that it can be moved with ease in a matter of seconds.

Introduction to the Accessories section:

This section includes a variety of products to either to enhance further a given machine type or to aid in the installation and mounting of our encoder and digital readout products.

Here we also include a selection of adaptor cables and interface solutions that allow our encoder and digital readout products to connect with a wide range other suppliers products, both old and new. If you don’t see the interface you require please call and we will be happy to advise you on a solution.


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