Introduction to Magnetic Encoders:

All our magnetic encoders conform to EIA422 standards and implement full differential encoder connections and screen cables to ensure the best possible noise immunity. With resolutions as fine as 0.5um and accuracies to 5um they can easily match optical scales for the majority of machine tool, automation and CNC applications.

Our magnetic linear encoders use precision magnetised tape with either 1mm, 2mm or 5mm pole-pitch depending on the level of performance required. The tape consists of a coded Nitrile rubber material bonded to a stainless steel band with a further stainless steel cover. This combination requires no optical sensing and so is impervious to liquids and dust making them ideal for machine tool, automation and fabrication applications.


SIZE (mm)





MG232 linear scales look, fit and perform just the same as optical scales but with the benefit of offering IP67 rating making them  impervious to coolants, dust or metal swarf under normal operating conditions.

With resolutions from 0.5um and travel lengths from 120mm to 2040mm they have a small cross-section making them ideal for a broad range of machine tool and CNC applications.  




For longer single lengths the MLC310 provides a strong cross-section capable of meeting the demands on longer heavier machines.

With a standard resolution of 5um these scales are best suited for travels between 2000 and 3000mm.




Available in resolutions from 1.0um, S1 scales use the same tape and sensing principles as the MG232 enclosed scales but without the enclosed housing. Instead the tape is mounted on an aluminium spar and then protected by a encapsulated stainless steel cover strip. The scale mounting also has 4pt plane adjustment built in  so that poor, or tapered, surfaces can easily mounted to.

In lengths up to 1000mm travel they are low profile with the scale just 28x10mm.

The S1 scales can also be cut-to-length as part of the installation process, so no need to go with standard sizes as they can be adjusted to get every last mm of travel.



The new G2 scales use a double extrusion compared to the S1 style making them ideal for longer lengths. Available in single lengths up to 2000mm they are also available in a modular form for easy on-site assembly in lengths up to 30m or even longer.

With optional guided reader-head carriage and range of mounting accessories they can be installed on a range of machines even where the mounting surface is poor or even not continuous.



A selection of magnetic tape profiles are available that can all be cut-to-length as a part of their installation. Using 5mm pole-pitch tape they can be combined with a number of our reader-heads to provide easy installations on a variety of machine tools.

Ideal for fitting on small manual machine tools and hobby machines they are a highly cost effective, yet highly robust and an easy fit option. With reader-heads as small as 28 x 11.5mm they can be mounted in space restricted applications.

For more information see our dedicated section on Tape systems: HERE

Tape and Reader-head


In addition to ‘pre-assembled’ linear scales we can also provide tape systems with resolutions from 1.0um. A selection of mounting profiles are also available to complement the range of reader-heads available.

Tape pole-pitches are available in 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 5.0mm. Tape can be either full-grating or our unique grating profile that provides a reference every 50mm. In addition distance-coded tapes are available allowing for faster referencing.

For more information see our dedicated section on Tape systems: HERE

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1 A flexible magnetic tape made of Nitrile rubber material (Resistant to debris, liquids and oils)

2 – Cover Strip: A non-magnetic stainless steel cover strip providing protection to the coded Nitrile tape .

3 Carrier Strip: Magnetic stainless steel strip to provide mechanical strength and stability.

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