LED Display Digital Readout:




The EL400 is a traditional digital readout with ultra clear LED displays available in 1, 2, 3 or 4-axes* for milling, turning and basic machine tools.

With a die-cast aluminium case and soft-touch keypad buttons with one-touch axis zero function the EL400 is an exceptional tool room digital readout.

With all the functions you would expect the EL400 can be used with linear or angular encoders and provides but linear and segmented error compensation to get the best possible performance from the machine upon which they are installed.


In addition to the standard EL400 there is a ball-scale compatible version that is 100% compatible with Newall™ ball-scales.

Older round connector ball-scales can be connected with a simple adaptor cable (#LD0A-KM-0030).

Specifically designed for the application the EL400-BS has a custom made integrated power supply that is so stable that 1 micron resolution can be obtained from a 0.5” ball-scale.


The EL300 is a true 2-in-1 digital readout available in 2 or 3-axes options that can be switched between milling and turning applications at the touch of a keypad button. This makes it ideal for machines that can perform both functions, such as a Myford lathe with milling attachment.

The light weight plastic housing is very robust and the DRO has all the functionality you would expect accessible from simple to access menus.


The latest addition to the range is the EM200 readout designed for cost sensitive applications and has a traditional style tactile wipe-clean membrane keypad.

Available for turning and milling applications in either 2 or 2-axes options it is packed with timesaving functionality, including inclined machining.

The clear axes LED displays are complemented with a message window and a tool/point display so that the current operation is always clearly displayed.


The EL10 is a single axis display that can take either a linear or rotary encoder and display position or angle clearly on its 7-segment LED window.

Based on a standard DIN size it can be either stand/arm mounted or easily panel mounted with the supplied mounting kit.

With segmented and linear compensation, a broad range of input resolutions the EL10 is a very flexible high speed counter.

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Introduction to Digital Readout:

All our DRO* conform to EIA422 standards implementing full differential encoder connections and can take either linear or angular encoders with each axis being fully configurable. Single-ended encoders can also be connected as the DRO inputs are all balanced mid-rail.  All have selectable resolutions and absolute/incremental, inch/metric and referencing capability.

*Excludes Ball-scale DRO  


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