Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoders::


SIZE (mm)


Optical /


50mm Body

ARS-5B-H / ARC-5B-H Series

Body Size - 58mm HOLLOW SHAFT

• Elevator or motor speed control

• Up to Ø38 mm bore diameter

• Connector or cable output

Resolution up to 20,000 pulse

• Push-Pull, HTL, TTL or RS422 line driver output signals

Introduction to Rotary Encoders:

The majority of our rotary/angular encoders are available with either optical or magnetic operation. Count resolutions are available up to 20,000 PPR and custom design requests are welcomed.

Available with Push-Pull, TTL, HTL or EIA-422 line-driver options and standard mounting configurations they are ideal for a broad range of measurement and automation applications.

Catalogue Shafted Semi-Hollow Hollow Ring Encoders Contactless Couplings


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