Guided carriage assembly

PN#: BKTD-00-0010

The S2 Guided carriage kit turns the S2 and EMRB reader-head scale in to a fully guided system ideal for longer travels or where the alignment of the reader-head can not be guaranteed due to machine wear or other inaccuracies.

Recommended for travels 2000mm and over and best used with either BKTD-00-0020 or BKTD-00-0010 depending on the degree of miss-alignment expected.


Guided carriage link kit

PN#: BKTD-00-0010

The Link kit has igus™ bearings that do not require greasing or on-going maintenance. The link attaches directly to the Guided carriage and allows for a high degree of mounting tolerance of up to 10mm or more.

This link is fitted as standard on all S2 Press-brake specific scales.


Guided carriage flexible bracket kit

PN#: BKTD-00-0020

This small especially designed bracket provides up to 3mm or mounting tolerance without allowing for any backlash. Made from a special sprung-steel it is ideal for longer travels, such as long bed lathes and fits directly to the Guided carriage.


 Scale end mounting kit

PN#: BKTA-00-0020

If the scale mounting surface is tapered, non-machined or badly worn then these mountings provide a large amount of mounting adjustment. Designed to provide adjustment at the scale ends they can be combined with #BKTA-00-0030 scale support brackets for scale travels over 800mm.

Fully machined for accuracy it has a high quality black anodised finished and should not be confused with low quality cast mounting parts.


Mid-scale  mounting kit

PN#: BKTA-00-0030

For use with BKTA-00-20 they provide additional centre/travel scale support for loner scales and should be used every 500mm of travel, as may be required.

Fully machined for accuracy it has a high quality black anodised finished and should not be confused with low quality cast mounting parts.


 Modular scale joining assembly

PN#: BKTA-00-0040

The modular scale joining bracket is required the S2 scale is supplied in 2 or more sections and where scale mounting brackets are required.

If the scale is to be mounted to a machined surface then scale brackets are not required and the scale can be secured to the machine using the scale clamps which are provided as standard..

Guided & Modular Scale and Encoder Mounting Options: View Drawing View Drawing View Drawing

Introduction to the Accessories section:

This section includes a variety of products to either to enhance further a given machine type or to aid in the installation and mounting of our encoder and digital readout products.

Here we also include a selection of adaptor cables and interface solutions that allow our encoder and digital readout products to connect with a wide range other suppliers products, both old and new. If you don’t see the interface you require please call and we will be happy to advise you on a solution.


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