Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you only sell to machine builders and big companies?

Whilst it has traditionally been the case that we have only supplied to OEM’s and larger dealers we are now accessible to all, whatever the size. So if you just need a 1-off or 1000 pieces we are here to help.

Do you only sell digital readout for manual machines?

Actually DRO is only part of our business. We also supply measurement systems for automation, measuring tables, fabrication, glass, stone-cutting, wood-working and many other special purpose machines.

We also have a metrology division that can provide digital height-gauges, inspection DRO and precision optical scales.

What do you mean by Automation?

Whilst we started in the machine tool industry we can now supply magnetic tape, piston encoders, wire-encoders, digital counters, batch counters, tachometers and more. Most automation applications require either HTL or Push-pull connections or absolute measurement. All of which are available. We also supply pressure and temperature sensors!

Do you only do magnetic encoders?

No. We can supply both magnetic and optical scales. Indeed we have a broad range of optical scales covering CNC and manual applications up to 3m travels and from 0.1um to 5um resolution.

What about distance-coded optical scales?

Yes we can provide a range of distance-coded optical scales with 20um grating. These are available in EIA-422, 1Vpp and 11uA. Please contact us with your requirements.

Can you do Rotary encoders?

Yes. We have a range of optical and magnetic rotary encoders and can even provide custom solutions if required.

Can you provide replacements for old Anilam or Acu-rite scales?

Yes. We can provide DROs, magnetic and optical encoders compatible with both Acu-rite and Anilam systems (and most other brands). Even if they are fitted with the old PT06 round connector.

Can you replace an old Newall Ballscale DRO?

Yes. Our popular EL400 DRO is available with analogue 'Ball-scale' interface. What's more due to a custom designed power-supply and implementation of a DSP processor it also offers 1um resolution even for 1/2" ball-scales. Adaptor cables for the old round style connectors also available.

What about replacing actual Ball-scales?

At this time we are unable to provide a replacement for Newall analogue scales. We can however provide replacements for their 'Digital' scales. Digital reader-heads usually have a silver label.

What about other makes and models of scales and DRO?

In addition to being able to supply complete DRO systems we are able to provide compatible digital readout and linear encoders as service replacements for most other brands, including Heidenhain, Acu-rite, Anliam, Mitutoyo, Sino, Meister, and many more. Including replacements for 11uA & 1Vpp with 40um or 20um optical grating.

What about scales longer than 3m?

We have scales in single lengths, both magnetic and optical, up to 3m. However we also specialise in long length scales of up to 30m and even longer. These are supplied in a modular form for easy on-site assembly and are perfect for long-bed lathes, floor borers etc.

Can you supply a graphical DRO?

Yes. We have both FSTN mono (blue & white) and TFT (full colour) LCD displays that provide unparalleled functionality. Ideal for power users these are also ideally suited for college and universities as they have full context sensitive help. They also provide a range of inspection functions, such as part measurement such as height, width, angle, bore diameter etc.

Please contact us with any measurement requirements, including custom requirements, and we will be only to happy to help.

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