SIZE (mm)



10 x 1.8 x L

Our distance-coded tape consists of an incremental track and a coded reference track on the same 10mm wide tape. This allows for quick referencing and no need for any external or additional decoding hardware.


60 x 16 x 22

As with all our magnetic reader-head sensors the EMRB electronics are fully encapsulated in an epoxy resin making them impervious, under normal operating conditions, to both coolants and material dust.

The EMRB sensor provides EIA422 full differential output are capable of ultra-high speeds up to 10m/s at 5um resolution.

Distance-coded tapes allow for position to be quickly determined by traversing the reader-head sensor across a pair of coded reference marks. The distance between any successive pair of reference marks is unique meaning that a 5m scale could be reference by moving just 100mm.

Compatible with standard distance-coded algorithms they can also be used with the EL600 and EL700 digital readouts to save time referencing larger manual machines.

Distance-coded Reference Download

Introduction to Magnetic Tape and reader-head Systems:

All our magnetic reader-heads conform to EIA422 standards and implement full differential encoder connections and screen cables to ensure the best possible noise immunity. With resolutions as fine as 0.5um and accuracies to 5um they can easily match optical scales for the majority of machine tool, automation and fabrication applications.

All our magnetic tape is precision encoded with either a 1mm, 2mm or 5mm pole-pitch depending on the level of performance required. The tape consists of a coded Nitrile rubber material bonded to a stainless steel band with a further stainless steel cover. This combination requires no optical sensing and so is impervious to liquids and dust making them ideal for machine tool, automation and fabrication applications.



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